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Money and Currency in Uzbekistan

Money and Currency


Before you visit anywhere new, it is a good idea to find out about the currency and exchange rate, and how you can get ahold of cash or use your credit card while you are away. Here you will find some Useful Information about currency and making money transactions in Uzbekistan.


The Uzbek Monetary System

Uzbekistan’s unit of currency is the Soums – UZS. Uzbekistan's money is based on the decimal system – there are one hundred tiyin to each soum. Coins are not widely used. Notes have the values of 100, 200, 500, 1000 Soum.

Hotels, guides, and other businesses catering tourists often list prices in U.S. Dollar, but it is illegal to pay in cash for goods and services in anything besides the Uzbek Soum.


Bringing Money to Uzbekistan

Local legislation states: "Foreign currency that is being brought in and taken out by residents and non-residents through customs border check point of the Republic of Uzbekistan regardless of its amount shall be declared in written in the customs declaration form T-6".

U.S. Dollar, Euro, UK Pound Sterling and Japanese Yen are exchanged into Sum at the Exchange Offices. So, if you want to make some cash with you, best of all take $$$! It is better to bring U.S. Dollar to Uzbekistan, for easy exchange.


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Changing Money & Exchange Rates

By far the most popular foreign currency in Uzbekistan is US dollar. Most hotels have currency exchange desks. Exchange offices at main hotels are open 24/7 except for small breaks. You can also exchange in most banks as well as in exchange kiosks in major supermarkets and bazaars.Use our Exchange Office Locator map for more information on where to exchange money.

Don’t exchange too much money at once, as you will have to carry rolls of sums. To be able to exchange the left sums into foreign currency, you will have to ask for regulations at the Exchange Office when you exchange your currency into Uzbek sum. Do not forget to ask for the official receipt when you change your money at a counter, and be sure that clerks count money in front of you.


Note: Please be advised that you can only exchange money at the exchange offices or banks, as it is illegal at any other location such as the markets. Notes issued before 1996 or worn notes are often rejected.


Bank Opening Hours

Banks are generally open from 9:00a.m. to 4:00p.m. Monday through Friday, however, opening hours can differ considerably from branch to branch. All banks are closed on public holidays and some banks close for an hour at lunchtime.


ATMs (cash machines)

You will find Automated Teller Machines (ATM), or Bankomat, as we often call them, at most banks, hotels and shopping centers. You can use international credit cards at ATM’s as long as they have a four-digit PIN encoded. There are many ATM’s in Tashkent, although not all can serve you. You can find Visa or MasterCard ATM’s almost in all the large hotels. View our ATM Locator for more information.


Credit Cards in Uzbekistan

Credit cards (Visa, Master Card and American Express) are accepted in most Tashkent hotels and in limited number of shops, therefore make sure to bring with you a sufficient amount of cash in dollar notes of different denominations.


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