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Practical travel tips that makes your travel to Uzbekistan easy. Embassies and Consulates, Disabled travelers, Student travelers, Traveling With Children and more.


Embassies and Consulates

Visitors who intend to stay in Uzbekistan for longer than a month are advised to register with their Embassy/consulate. If a visitor is hospitalized, robbed, imprisoned or otherwise rendered helpless, consular officials will help make arrangements to find an interpreter or to offer advice. They can also re-issue passports or in some emergency cases, provide money to get visitors home.


Disabled travelers

Uzbekistan has few facilities for the disabled. Transport is difficult to access; entrances have steps and narrow doors. There are rarely public lifts. Metro entrances, underpasses some offices main entrances in Tashkent may be equipped with rails for wheel-chairs, but they only represent an intention, rather than a working facility. It takes real determination for disabled travelers to get around.


Student travelers

Students and youth in general enjoy certain privileges on public transport and museums. Also, Uzbek Airways (Uzbekistan Havo Yullary) offers rebates for young people under 28. International students’ cards are usually not accepted for discounts.


Traveling with Children

In Uzbek families children are seen as the gift of God, therefore travelers in the company of under-teens are likely to attract a good deal of attention and many compliments. Children are usually treated with special care and in big cities, such as Tashkent. There is a vast number of play parks, an Aqua Park, Tashkent Land, etc. Children under five can enjoy free entrance to museums and public transportation, while schoolchildren will pay the full price on transportation, but will pay a reduced price at museums.


Electrical Appliances

The current (voltage) is 220V, 50 Hz, AC two pin plugs. In some of the old buildings sockets do not take modern European plugs and may have slightly thicker pins. For your convenience, local stores carry adaptors. Current adaptors for American appliances are a little more difficult to find.


Public Toilets

Many cafes and bars will not have a toilet facility, and it is advised to avoid unhygienic public toilets. Visitors are advised to go to the nearest hotel, or if there is no alternative, to use pay toilets. It should be noted that toilet facilities are limited even in Tashkent, not to mention provincial capitals or the areas along the motorways.


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