“Yes, we accept Visa and Master Card”

In our previous blog entry, we wrote about how much cash you can bring to Uzbekistan, how to declare your cash and what currency is best to carry for your trip to Uzbekistan. We found out from recent keyword research that a number of people are also interested in using credit and debit cards in Uzbekistan.

Can you use cards in Uzbekistan? How widely are used Visa or MasterCard in Uzbekistan? Can I withdraw money from my card? If you are one of those, who are looking for an answer to these questions, then here you will find here some useful information and tips about using cards in Uzbekistan.

What cards are accepted in Uzbekistan?

Visa and Master Card. Few hotels accept American Express.

Are ATM’s easily found in Uzbekistan?

In major cities, such as Tashkent, most hotels have Visa and/or Master Card machines. If you don’t find an ATM in your hotel, ask the hotel administrator to make a phone call to other hotels and learn if the ATM at that hotel is working. You may also go to the nearest bank that serve the card you have, and withdraw money at the counter.

Which banks serve cards in Uzbekistan?

Most banks in Uzbekistan, such as Credit Standard Bank,  Bank Ipak Yoli, National Bank of Uzbekistan, Kapitalbank and etc., serve Visa cards.

Only Asaka Bank serves Master Card.

Do restaurants or shops in Uzbekistan accept credit cards?

Not all. Most brand shops and boutiques in Tashkent accept Visa and/or Mastercard. And some supermarkets in Tashkent also accept those cards. If you plan to travel to the distant regions of Uzbekistan, it is better to withdraw sufficient cash from your card while you are still in Tashkent.

Where can I use my card to withdraw cash in Uzbekistan?

If you don’t find an ATM in your hotel, go to the nearest branches of the above mentioned banks. You will find an operating ATM in the bank or go to the counter to withdraw cash from your card.

Remember, Asaka Bank that serve MasterCard will give you Uzbek Soums equivalent to the amount you require, while at other banks’ ATM you may withdraw US Dollars.



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