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Medical & Health Information

Medical & Health Information

Here are some travel health tips to help you stay healthy during your travel to Uzbekistan. Remember, if you have any questions or concerns, always ask your doctor or other health professional.


Medical Care

Emergency health care is available free of charge for visitors in Uzbekistan. There are many clinics that provide a full range of medical services and are specialized in dealing with foreigners in Tashkent.


For those in need of immediate attention, Casualty Departments of ordinary clinics and hospitals can be used. You may need assistance of your guide or someone from your hotel to help with doctors. In provinces few doctors speak foreign languages.


If you are taken to a local hospital and need further treatment, it is advisable to contact either your Embassy/consulate. They can arrange to have you transported or they can oversee your treatment in the hospital.


Medical Insurance

You are strongly advised to take out adequate insurance before traveling to Uzbekistan.  You need to ask your insurance company two questions:

  • Does my policy apply when I’m in Uzbekistan?
  • Will it cover emergencies like a trip to an Uzbek hospital or a medical evacuation?

In many places in Uzbekistan, doctors and hospitals still expect payment in cash at the time of service. Make sure your health insurance covers you for medical expenses abroad. If not, supplemental insurance for overseas coverage, including possible evacuation, should be seriously considered.


Bring your insurance card, claim forms, and any other relevant insurance documents. Before departure, determine whether your insurance plan will make payments directly to providers or reimburse you later for overseas health expenditures.


Bringing Medicines

travelers are advised to take a well-equipped first-aid kit with them containing basic medicines and any prescriptions that they may need.


If you want to bring prescribed medicines to Uzbekistan, first check that it is licensed for use. Always carry medicines in a correctly labeled container as issued by the pharmacist. Otherwise, bring a letter from your doctor or a personal health record card giving details of the drug prescribed, in case it is questioned by customs or you require additional supplies.



In Uzbekistan you can obtain medications at pharmacies – locally called Apteka or Dorixona. Pharmacies are usually open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00p.m. Monday through Friday, and 9:00a.m. through 1:00p.m on Saturdays. The availability of Sundays or 24 hour pharmacies is limited. However, in larger cities you will find a number of pharmacies open late during the week and on the weekend.


Usually medicines are provided with instructions in Russian and in the original language of the manufacturer. Almost all medications, except for strong tranquillizers and drug containing substances can be bought over the counter without a prescription.


All pharmacy staff are trained professionals, however not all of them speak English, so they can advise of an alternate drug in local language. In case you have very specific requirements, such as insulin, you should bring a sufficient supply for your stay.


Food & Water Safety

You are advised to drink only boiled water, peel all fruits and vegetables, and avoid undercooked meat. You should avoid eating unpasteurized dairy products and most food sold in the streets.


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Medical Contact List

Tashkent International Medical Clinic
(All personnel speak English)
Address: #38, Sarikulskaya Str. 
 Appointments: 291-0726 or 291-0142 
Emergencies: 185-60-93 or 108-44-57
Mds- Service
Address:  110/3, BOTKIN street
 Appointments: 140-0080
Emergencies: 080