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Use this section to find handy information on immigration, money, traveling with children, medical information, tipping etiquette and more


Uzbekistan Money and Currency

Money and currency in uzbeksitan

Money & Currency


Before you visit anywhere new, it's a good idea to find out about the currency and exchange rate, and how you can get ahold of cash or use your credit card while you are away. Here you will find some Useful Information about currency and making money transactions in Uzbekistan.


Uzbekistan Customs & Immigration

Customs & Immigration


Useful information about customs and immigration procedures on arrival to Uzbekistan. Information on hHow to get registration with police in Uzbekistan, how to fillcustoms declaration and what to do on arrival and departure.



Uzbekistan Travel Information

Safety and security regulatioins in UzbekistanSafety & Security

Uzbekistan is a relatively safe destination for travelers. Use this general guide to help you maximize your personal safety during your trip. You probably practice them in your own country, but they can make a real difference.

Medical & Health Information in UzbekistanMedical & Health Information


In this section you will find Useful Information on what to do if you have special medical needs, become ill, or require medical assistance during your trip.

Internet and telephone in UzbekistanInternet & Phone

The telephone system in Uzbekistan offers a reasonable range of services and access to the Internet at a growing number of the Internet Cafes in Tashkent is not difficult though sometimes slow. Some hotels and restaurants offer Wi-Fi internet access at no cost.


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