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Customs Rules and Regulations in Uzbekistan

Customs Rules in Uzbekistan


Useful information about customs rules in Uzbekistan. What to bring to and what to take out from Uzbekistan, how to fill Customs declaration form.


Basic Custom Rules


What You Can Bring

  • foreign currency unlimited amount (must be declared on the T-6 form)

  • 1,000. cigarettes or 1,000. grammes of tobacco products

  • 1,5 litres of alcoholic beverages and 2 litres of wine

  • reasonable quantity of perfume for personal use

What You Can Not Bring

  • photographs and printed matter directed against Uzbekistan

  • live animals (subject to special permit)

  • military arms and ammunition

  • narcotics (opium, hashish, etc.)

  • fruit and vegetables.

Do Not Take Out

  • firearms and ammunition;

  • precious metals (gold, silver, etc.) and articles made thereof, except if such articles are personal effects of the passenger (e.g. personal jewelry) and declared upon arrival

  • articles containing precious stones and/or real pearls

  • antiquities and art objects (subject to duty and special permit from the Ministry of Culture)

  • furs.

Currency Rules


Currency Import Regulations:

  • unlimited import of local currency (Uzbek Som-UZS);

  • unlimited import of foreign currencies. A declaration form has to be filled out upon arrival. Passengers carrying more than USD 1,000.- may be checked physically.

Currency Export Regulations:

  • The amount of cash taken out of Uzbekistan should not exceed the amount indicated on the customs declaration on arrival. In order to export more cash than was imported, one must have special permission from the National Bank of Uzbekistan. Those who understate the amount of currency on their declaration form upon departure from Uzbekistan face fines and confiscation of their unreported money.

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Customs Declaration

You must complete a customs declaration form (T-6) in duplicate upon entering Uzbekistan. Customs officials will review and stamp both copies. One will be retained by the Customs Authority, you must keep the other and present at the time of departure from Uzbekistan.


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