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Chimgan Chimghan is 80 km away from Tashkent. Chimghan is a well-known recreation area. In Chimghan mountains – the Tien Shan mountains, stretching across the territory of CentralAsia, there is a popular ski resort. Aksu Valley is situated at an altitude of 1200-1600 meters above sea level and is surrounded by the mountains. Above the valley rises Mount Large Chimghan, which is a spur of Chatkal range. Amazing places Gulkam and Beldersay  are reffered to Chimgan. The slopes are covered with spruce forests chimganAksu, sprouted poppies and herbs, along the slopes of the rapidly running streams, called “sai”. Between the rocks there are small lakes, rivers and waterfalls. Among the rocks the caves are hidden with their petroglyphs that keep the history of ancient times on the walls showing the images of animals, people and scenes of hunting. In the gorges of the river there are numerous waterfalls and rapids. Here you can find underground halls with stalactites and stalagmites of the most fantastic forms. Ski season in Chimgan lasts from December to March, you can go skiing, snowboarding, snowтюльпаныmobiling, ice skating and sledding, exercise free ride. In the spring and summer Chimghan becomes the center of mountain tourism. You can climb the scenic hills or conquer Big Chimghan, paragliding, horse riding. The most common and well-known fish in mountain streams Aksu – is Marinka, who lives in the gullies and hollows channels. Among amphibians – marsh frog and toad, the last one resides in the river valleys up to the snowfields. In the foothills and low one can meet reptiles – gray gecko, colorful runner gologlaza desert, water snake, glass-lizard. Watch out copperhead snake and gray viper – deadly poisonous snakes.White stork In Chimgan area it’s possible to dig up the remains of sea creatures – ammonites, trilobites, crustaceans. Mountains (Small and Large Chimghan peaks), plains, waterfalls and Gulkam Novotash to deep lake – 12 km. Fishing takes place Chimghan, Beldersay Nurekata, Gulkamsay, Ishakkupriksay rivers. Black Waterfall (height 40 m) at the bottom of the peak of Big Chimghan is a natural attraction. From the heights of the mountains you can see the river Ugham, Pskem, Karzhantau. Another attraction of Chimgan is the geological features of Aksu. Red Hills, containing iron oxide, formed in Neogene. There are also the remains of lava. There is interesting vegetation – juniper forests, flowers, including tulips, Eremurus, shrubs and alpine meadows. The area is inhabited by bears and mountain sheep, marmots and eagles, partridges, owls, nightingales and others.

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