Vechir Ukrainian Restaurant

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Quiet, comfortable, domestic surrounding where a warmth and care is always. All of this you will find exactly in Vechir Ukrainian Restaurant in Tashkent. Vechir Ukrainian Restaurant  is the place where you can spend unforgettable night in such exotic place reminding you of national fairy tails of Ukraine. The simplicity, openness and being given every encouragement won’t leave you unfazed due to what the next nights you will definitely desire to spend here. Vechir Ukrainian Restaurant is consisted of two fascinating halls, design and decor of which ideally thought-out where most things of interior specially were imported from Ukraine. All of this gives you an opportunity without crossing borders of megapolis to meet national culture to a nicety, its traditions and surely Ukrainian dishes prepared by professional cooks. The atmosphere disposes to spending here not only romantic nights, banquets but for business meetings and business lunch.

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Street Address: 31, Akkurgan street City : Country : Uzbekistan
Telephone :(99871) 235 1550
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