Traveller’s guide to the sightseeing in Tashkent. Historical buildings, modern sights, memorials and monuments in Tashkent. Find out interesting facts, brief information, view photos and read visitors review about Tashkent’s top attractions.
The architectural sights of Tashkent is notable for its unique  and original of style. It merged the Central Asian traditions, enriched by the achievements of the Islamic architecture, and the influence of European city planning from the late 18th century. Top historical sightseeing places in Tashkent are mainly located in the Native town of Tashkent. The most famouse historic sight of the city is, of course Khazrati Imam complex.  Tashkent is a revivng city, so you will find many interesting sightseeing places in the city, most of top modern architecture sights of the Tashkent are located in the centre of the city.

Historic Sights of Tashkent

Historic Sights of Tashkent

Historic Sights of Tashkent - You will find in Tashkent many historical places to visit and tourist attractions and sights, including mosques, madrassahs.

palace of forums

Modern Sights in Tashkent

Modern sights in Tashkent. Find out here top modern places to visit, best tourist attractions, must-see places and things to do in Tashkent.

Amir Temur Monument

Monuments and Memorials

Tashkent remembers. Here is the list of Tashkent's most famous monuments, statues and memorials dedicated to heroes of the nation or big events in the city.


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