Amusement Parks

Theme and Amusement parks in Tashkent offer a fun day out with family or friends. Visitors to Tashkent who are traveling with children (or merely like a good old-fashioned adrenalin rush) have a number of exciting Tashkent recreation parks from which to choose.

Eco ParkTashkent’s first Ecological Park, a project based on the concept of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’, opened its doors on April 7. The Eco park in Tashkent has been built by the Fund Forum with support from Mitsubishi Corporation and has found good use for old car tires, plastic bottles and metal pipes in line with the principles of an ecology park.
Mirzo Ulugbek Recreation ParkMirzo Ulugbek is one of the the first and the best recreation parks in Tashkent. Mirzo Ulugbek Recreation Park is famous among locals for an artificial pond, a large number of trees and benches for relaxation in the summer, commercial shops, cafes and many amusement rides and entertainment attractions, a really paradise for both adults and children.
Babur Recreation ParkBabur Recreation Park is another amusement park in the center of Tashkent, with lots of green spaces and beautiful pond in the center. Babur Park in Tashkenr is home to the Seattle Peace Park, a collection of small tiles designed by Tashkent and its sister city - Seattle based schoolchildren, and to the famous Peace Bell, which was erected here in 2003.
Tashkent LandTashkent Land is considered to be one of the best amusement parks in Tashkent. The locals are used to call it Disneyland. Tashkent Land has a legendary "roller coaster" , breathtaking swings "hammer" and "wave" and many more amazing rides for both adults and children.
Tashkent ZooToday it houses over 500 different species of animal and is the only zoo in Tashkent where you can experience big animals such as gorillas and giraffes. With over 22 hectares to explore and incredible animal displays taking place throughout the day (including feeds and keeper talks) no visitor leaves disappointed.
Gafur Gulyam ParkBeing one of the greenest parks in Tashkent, Gafur Gulyam Park covers 23 acres. Variety of attractions to suit all tastes makes the park a favourite spot for residents of all ages. he large lake in the center of the park with a small green island bestows visitors a mild micro-climate and creates an idyllic living piece of wildlife.
Alisher Navoi National Park and MonumentTashkent's Alisher Navoi National Park is one of the greatest city parks in the country. Covering a large park, a large lake, canals and fountains, a meadow and ornamental flower gardens, there’s a good chance you’ll forget you are right in the center of Tashkent. National Park in Tashkent has something for everyone.
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