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Human Wear GalleryA unique place in Tashkent that sells collections of over 200 leading Uzbek designers and creftsmen. Buy here unique hand made produces, clothes, jewellry, accessories, toys and much more. The Human Wear gallery is a private company working in the CIS market for 8 years. The gallery sales fashion collections, accessories and home decors by Central Asian designers and produces hand-made fabrics (with assistance of UNESCO). Along with the Gallery arranges fashion shows in Uzbekistan.

All collections of the Human Ware House are produced of hand-made silk and cotton and in small volume, which makes the collections exclusive. Every piece of work by Human Wear gallery contains so-called “human factor” that makes the wear radically distinct from the one produced in factory. At the same time collections are affordable in price.

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Street Address: 30/9, Usmon Nosir str. City : Country : Uzbekistan
Telephone :(99871) 2554411 Web:
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