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Hugo BossThis beautifully appointed shop is now an flagship store for the company. The shop provides a complete outlet for the Hugo Boss menswear range, including suits, casual wear, bodywear and a full range of accessories.

Established since 1923, the name of Hugo Boss has long been synonymous with dignified style and good taste within the world of fashion. The brand see the name as representing innovation, creativity and progress.

All brand collections are seen as adhering to a philosophy and distinct signature style. These collections include Boss, the core brand, said to stand for clear cut, contemporary design and high quality detail and Hugo, seen to be unconventional, yet with the same high quality often referred to as the collection for men and women with their own individual styles.

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Street Address: 26A, Bukhoro street City : Country : Uzbekistan
Telephone :+99781 232-44-55
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