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Tashkent Eco ParkTashkent’s first Ecological Park, a project based on the concept of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’,  opened its doors on April 7.The Eco park in Tashkent has been built by the Fund Forum with support from Mitsubishi Corporation and has found good use for old car tires, plastic bottles and metal pipes in line with the principles of an ecology park.

The Tashkent Ecopark is a unique place for people to research new ways of caring for the places where they live and work while engaging in leisure activities. The unusual spots that drew particular attention from the visitors and kids include a giant spider made from metallic pipes with Tashkent Eco Parkrubber bands stretched between its legs; a slide with stairs made with plastic bottles; a green maze of plants; swings with used car tires for seats; bouquets made of colored sacks with soft stuffing, a remarkable fountain made with used plastic bottles; ceramic sculptures and many more.

In the meantime the art and ceramics studios inside a quaint-looking Crafts Cabin in the center of the Ecopark were bustling with activity, with kids modeling various clay figures and drawing pictures with the assistance of sculptors and artists. As the grand opening ceremony of

Tashkent Eco Park

Tashkent’s first ecological park came to an end, it is certain to be a favorite spot with many people, particularly those who seek quality pastime and maintain healthy lifestyles.

The Ecopark is a call for people in Tashkent to spend more time in the open air with friends and loved ones and learn to care for the environment amidst the booming technologies and rapid change. The Tashkent Ecopark is a natural spot where people may combine leisure with interesting and useful activities: from doing sports and playing games to competitions and charity events.

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Street Address: Khamid Alimdjan Street City : Country : Uzbekistan
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