Where to have a nice breakfast in Tashkent?

Eating out at breakfast time in Tashkent is a lot more fun than just fried food or toast. Find out where you can find the best breakfasts in Tashkent.

The Uzbeks are known to be a nation of early risers. Most people here wake up at the call to prayer in the early morning. Breakfast time is a matter of special importance for Uzbeks; maybe that’s why they celebrate many family events and weddings during the dawn.

Angels FoodThe famous and the first fast food cafe in Tashkent. «Angel's Food» is the best known among fans of cafe for tasty food and quick service. What makes "Angel's Food" in Tashkent different from normal fast-food cafe is its wide selection of menu comprised by various main courses and salads, pastries and cakes.
Sato RestaurantThe Sato Restaurant in Tashkent takes its name from the ancient Uzbek stringed bow instrument. Here in luxury and bliss, the Sato Restaurant's menu offers dishes from different regions of not only Uzbekistan but also Central Asia, cooked according to ancient recipes of the newly revived.
Bek BistroToday, the concept of self-service cafeteria is in great demand in Tashkent. Centrally located Bek Bisto is one of the best budget restaurants in in Tashkent. Here, in two spacious and bright rooms of Bek Bistro restaurant in Tashkent, you will find a large selection of dishes,appetizers, salads and desserts.
Bon! French Coffee ShopsBon! coffee shops in Tashkent is a place where you can start the day with a healthy breakfast, meet with collegues for a business lunch or sit with your loved one over a cup of coffee in the evening. Bon's qualified European experts ensure that all aspects of our service and surrounds are authentic.
Jum Airport Restaurant & BarConveniently located near the exit to the car park of the Tashkent Airport, Jum Coffee Househas a nice English-style atmosphere with comfortable furniture and home comfort. Jum Coffee House offers wide choice of menu, special offers on breakfasts and lunches, Italian espresso, and wireless Internet.
Dolce Vita Coffee ShopLittle Italy in Tashkent. The Dolce Vita Coffee Shop in Tashkent is a coffee shop with European cuisine. Menu includes good selection of hot meals and beverages, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic. Coffee at is prepared tasty. The coffee shop offers great selection of very tasty desserts at reasonable prices.

Here you will find some interesting and unique ideas on where to have a breakfast in Tashkent.


Almost all hotels in Tashkent serve a breakfast. If you stay in a hotel, it is best to have your breakfast in the hotel where you stay as in most cases they are included in your room rate. Even if you don’t stay in a hotel, you may just visit the restaurant to have your breakfast at extra charge. Most hotels serve continental, American or Turkish breakfast.


You may find coffee shops a good option to have a breakfast in Tashkent. Browse our list below to find the best coffee shops located in your area.


Visit the local bakehouse (locally called as nonvoy, novvoy) early in the morning and buy a piece of freshly baked Uzbek breads. The bread (naan) served with butter or cream is yummy.


Breakfast is a kind of social occasion in Tashkent. Families who eat breakfast as a group benefit from this important extra social interaction, particularly if the family doesn’t always eat dinner together. Most people celebrate the special and family occasions, such as weddings and jubilees in the morning during the breakfast time. On such occasions Uzbeks invite hundreds of guests to a restaurant or meeting venue, where they serve traditional pilaf. If you see a hundreds of people gathered in the early morning at a banquet hall, locally known as toyhona (celebrations room), take a time to visit, they will always welcome you.

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