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Tashkent Caravanserai of Culture

This is an international scientific, cultural and educational center dedicated to the promotion of the cultural heritage of Uzbekistan, Japan and other countries of the Silk Road.
International Caravansarai of Culture intended to help revive the traditions of the Silk Road, the development of fruitful international dialogue of cultures based on mutual respect, religious and ethnic tolerance. The caravenserai regularly organizes of exhibitions of fine arts and applied arts.

The famous Garden of Friendship, where well-known foreign political figures, heads of government delegations and diplomatic missions have planted evergreen cypress trees - symbols of a centuries-old friendship and cooperation, Tien Shan blue spruce and Japanese sakura, decorates the territory of the Caravansarai of Culture in Tashkent.
Also, the caravansarai has a library of several thousand books and journals on the history of the Silk Road, archeology, architecture, art history, ethnography.

Exhibition halls of the Caravansarai of Culture in Tashkent exhibits collection ”Rarities of the Silk Road” that  presents artifacts from the excavations of archaeological expeditions in Uzbekistan.

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Street Address: 37A, Yusuf Hos Hojib Street City : Country : Uzbekistan
Telephone :(998-71) 256-35-56 Web:
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