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BOTANICAL GARDEN IN TASHKENTBotanic Garden of the Academy of Sciences in Tashkent – the oldest botanical garden in Uzbekistan and its origin dates back to 1920. It is located next to the Tashkent Zoo in north-eastern part of Tashkent.

The total area of the Botanical Gardens – 66 hectares. Arboretum of the garden occupies 40 hectares and consists of exhibitions dendroflora of East Asia, North America, Central Asia, the Far East, Europe, Crimea and the Caucasus.
Collection of the Botanical Garden are of more than 4500 species, forms, varieties and species of trees, shrubs, dwarf shrubs, vines, grasses and aquatic plants.
Botanic Garden in Tashkent – it’s an open air museum, a national treasure and the pride of the country and science.

Tashkent Botanical Garden : Autumn

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Street Address: 232, Bog`ishamol Street City : Country : Uzbekistan
Telephone :+998 71 2891060; 2890465
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