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Babur Recreation ParkBabur Recreation Park is another amusement park in the center of Tashkent, with lots of green spaces and beautiful pond in the center. Babur Park in Tashkent is home to the Seattle Peace Park, a collection of small tiles designed by Tashkent and its sister city – Seattle based schoolchildren in the 1980s.

Babur Culture and Recreation Park in Tashkent is also home    The Peace Bell is rung every year on International Day of Peace on September 21 as a call for non-violence and cease-fire as well as a commitment to the ideals of friendship and concord.

As the park is located near the Tashkent University of Pedagogy, you will see lots of students in the park throughout the year. There are also good collection of amusement rides in the park to excite children.

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Street Address: 33, Bobur street City : Country : Uzbekistan
Telephone :+998 71 255 23 25
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