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Astoria Restaurant is one the best restaurants in Samarkand. Astoria Restaurant is a refined taste and a professional approach. You can always have tasty meal in the Astoria restaurant. Restaurant Astoria has its fans and loyal customers. In the main room you can sit in the cozy atmosphere of a common area with views of the city. The restaurant’s interior is made of wood and artificial stone.  doors and windows, grilles, partitions, tables and chairs are made of quality wood. Warm and soft material is conducive to spiritual conversation and pleasant dining experience.

Astoria Restaurant Location

Astoria Restaurant Facilities

Opening Hours:
Entrance Fee:free Payment Accepted: Cuisine: /

Astoria Restaurant Address

Street Address: 14, Amir Timur street City : Country : Uzbekistan
Telephone :+99871 2504211,+99871 2504210, +99871 2253594
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