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The Italian brand Motivi was established in 1994. The company's designers are mainly engaged in the development of urban style models. Clothing Motivi looks good at work, in the office, in the cinema or nightclub. The primary audience for whom the clothes Motivi are designed is young women.

Podium Italia

One of the first boutiques opened in Tashkent. Here you will find only the first line of clothing, footwear and accessories of designers such as - Armani, Valentino, Galliano, D & G, etc. Discounts seasonal and regular customers.
Zara Logo


Zara Woman and Zara Man opens its doors to fans of stylish and middle class clothes. Meanwhile, clothes from Zara, is one of the largest international fashion companies, is always in the latest fashion trends. Spanish brand Zara is always pleases with good, natural and pleasant to wear fabrics and good tailoring.

Paul & Shark Yachting

The shop features products from Paul & Shark Yachting, of Milan, Italy. Paul & Shark provides very exclusive quality sportswear, with a nautical emphasis. The company behind Paul & Shark was established in 1921 in the northern countryside of Milan as a mill trading in fine knitwear.

Name It

name it designs trendy and colourful children’s clothes and has done so since 1986. name it clothes is for fashion conscious children who know what they want. name it always offers the right style at the right time at the right price, and you find name it clothes in size 0-12 years.


The Spanish company Mango produces clothing and accessories for the feminine, dynamic and seductive women who always follow trends. Every woman wants to be beautiful and desirable. Each garment manufacturer seeking a woman to help. But the most distinguished in the brand Mango, offering its trendyshopper, a beautiful and stylish clothes.
Naf Naf

Naf Naf

Naf Naf Boutiques is a French high street shop selling colourful clothes for women. They also sell a selection of accessories. The Shop is located on Bukhara street in the center of Tashkent, between the Alisher Navoi Theater and the Tashkent Broadway.


The brand shop Lacoste in Tashkent offers men's and women's clothing for leisure and sports, a new club trends, various accessories and shoes. The boutique of Lacoste is located on one of the main streets of Tashkent, Navoi Street, on you way to the famous Chorsu Bazaar. Lacoste - one of the best known and most respected fashion houses in France.

Glamour Boutique

Glamour Boutique is located on one of the central avenues of Tashkent. This two-story boutique offers accessories on the first and ladies and men's clothing on the second floor. Glamour Boutique in Tashkent offers most famous fashion brands including Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani, Versace and Yves Saint Laurent.

Europa Exclusive Boutique

The history of the "Europa Exclusive" boutique started in 1994 as a small shop of menswear that was opened in the centre of city. It was the only store in Uzbekistan offering high class garments of the European manufacturers at that time. In short time the boutique became well-known and famous amongst its clientele in Tashkent.
Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss

This beautifully appointed shop is now an flagship store for the company. The shop provides a complete outlet for the Hugo Boss menswear range, including suits, casual wear, bodywear and a full range of accessories. The brand see the name as representing innovation, creativity and progress.


Famous sports clothing brand Adidas store in Tashkent. The Adidas brand shop in Tashkent offers high-tech branded clothing and footwear for sports, leisure and everyday life. There are also wide choice of sports equipment and accessories. Adidas brand shop in Tashkent seasonal discounts and savings. Have a good shopping:)
An Uzbek farmer in the Market

Askia Farmer’s Market

If you are looking for a general flea market, Askia Market in Tashkent is ideal as it has a vast hotch-potch of stalls. The market is located close to the Babur Recreation Park in Tashkent. Traders here sell everything imaginable: food, furniture, kitchen appliances, DVDs and general bric-a-brac.

Chilanzar Clothes Market (Hippodrome)

The largest covered, crowded and famous market in Tashkent is located far from the centre. As well as fashionable and cheap clothing, it's also great for household goods. Practise your haggling skills at Hippodome bazaar. The name comes from the horse riding place which is located near the Bazaar.
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