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12 Chairs Restaurant

Restaurant with inimitable intonation of Ostap Bender. 12 Chairs Restaurant in Tashkent has an atmosphere of modest charm of the bourgeoisie. The menu of the Twelve Chairs Restaurant includes the best dishes of Russian, Ukrainian, and Jewish cuisine.

Affresco Italian Restaurant

True Sicilian restaurant in Tashkent, member of Caravan Group of restaurants in Tashkent. Each dish served at the Affresco Italian Restaurant are prepared only from environmentally friendly products, some of which are delivered from Italy. The staff can speak English really well and the menu is written in English.

Manas Art Cafe & Restaurant

You have a wonderful opportunity to spend time in the atmosphere of nomadic life in Tashkent. Manas Art Cafe is built in the style of Kyrgyz yurt in the middle of a tenement house yard with a small garden and a separate hall. The decor is incredibly cosy and the menu is dominated by Kirghiz national cuisine.

Sarbon Aрреtit Restaurant

Restaurant Sarbon Aрреtit is an elite theme restaurant in the center of Tashkent. Besides the Uzbek pilaf and kebabs, Sarbon Aрреtit Restaurant serves various types of Uzbek dishes that you hardly find in other dining in Tashkent: guja, jarkop, mahara, shilpildok, hasip, halim, sumalak, holvartar....
TeaHouse Shafran

TeaHouse Shafran

Description About TeaHouse Shafran Welcome to TeaHouse Shafran in Tashkent. Here you will find information, view photos and read tourist reviews of TeaHouse Shafran in Tashkent. TeaHouse Shafran is unique, cozy restaurant, decorated in nationall style and fully impregnated with rich Uzbek [...]

Shedevr Garden Restaurant

Cozy and hospitable restaurant Shedevr Garden is located in the old part of Tashkent, close to Kukcha Mosque, which minaret towers above all neighboring quarters. In the inner yard of big house there is a garden with a number of marquees, tables and ayvans.
Semo De Roma Restaurant Logo

Semo De’Roma Italian Restaurant

Description About Welcome to in Tashkent. Here you will find information, view photos and read tourist reviews of in Tashkent. “All roads lead to Rome!” Ristorante Semo de’ Roma opened in Tashkent in 2008 and since then it has been a firm favourite for groups of friends, or families, to [...]

Eski Shahar Restaurant

It is luxury and grandeur Restaurant in Tashkent, located in the tranquil and green area of the city. Eski Shahar Restaurant is not only Journey to oriental castle of the Middle Age, but also the opportunity to try the masterpieces of famous uzbek cuisine such as - chuchvara, dolma, khanim, manti and mashkhurda.

Art Cafe Uchkuduk

Located in the old town of Tashkent, close to the Kukcha Mosque, the Art-cafe "Uchkuduk" - is a fascinating journey into the legendary cities of the Silk Road. The halls and cabins of the themed restaurant reflects the ancient cities of Uzbekistan. The themed cafe servesUzbek and European cuisine.

Dar Restaurant

Dar Restaurant is located in one of the most beautiful places of Tashkent, in the park named after Mirzo Ulugbek. You will meet the true eastern culture in Dar Restaurant. The restaurant DAR serves European, Armenian, Italian, Caucasian, Japanese cuisine. A special attention in a restaurant is devoted to Armenian cuisine.

Gasthaus Restaurant & Pub

Spry waitresses in German country outfits serve up foaming litre steins of homemade brew to the strains of oompah music in a this biergarten by a busy autobahn. The unfiltered brew is particularly endearing and goes well with the real Bavarian sausages. The summer patio is popular despite the street noise and the 20% service charge.

Vechir Ukrainian Restaurant

Quiet, comfortable, domestic surrounding where a warmth and care is always. All of this you will find exactly in Vechir Ukrainian Restaurant in Tashkent. Vechir Ukrainian Restaurant is consisted of two fascinating halls, design and decor of which ideally thought-out where most things of interior specially were imported from Ukraine.

Ariston Park Restaurant

At restaurant the greater years terrace from which it is possible to take pleasure in park in the summer. In an atmosphere of a sunlight and excellent service. The menu of Ariston Park Restaurant in Tashkent includes dishes of European cuisine, the assortment here is rich enough, and each visitor can find in it for Itftelf especially attractive.
Dance show performance at Restaurant Bahor

Bahor Restaurant

There is a live music program each night The Restaurant's band offers differnt musical genres from jazz to romance, classic to disco. The performance of "BAHOR" Modern Dance Theater will amaze the guests. Arabic, European, Indian, Uzbek, Italian, Chinese, Mediterranean, Turkish - these are just part of cuisine served in Bahor Restaurant.
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