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Rabati Malik Complex

Caravanserai Rabati Malik is located in the Navoi region along the road Bukhara-Samarkand. In the Middle Ages this area was the piece of the Great Silk Road, leading from Samarkand to Bukhara

Affresco Italian Restaurant

True Sicilian restaurant in Tashkent, member of Caravan Group of restaurants in Tashkent. Each dish served at the Affresco Italian Restaurant are prepared only from environmentally friendly products, some of which are delivered from Italy. The staff can speak English really well and the menu is written in English.
TeaHouse Shafran

TeaHouse Shafran

Description About TeaHouse Shafran Welcome to TeaHouse Shafran in Tashkent. Here you will find information, view photos and read tourist reviews of TeaHouse Shafran in Tashkent. TeaHouse Shafran is unique, cozy restaurant, decorated in nationall style and fully impregnated with rich Uzbek [...]

il Perfetto Cafe

From anti pasti to desserts chefs lovingly craft traditional Italian cuisine from the freshest ingredients, and offer up a diverse range of regional specialities. In our new restaurant we expanded our menu and now we are glad to offer more varieties of Pasta and Pizza.

Dar Restaurant

Dar Restaurant is located in one of the most beautiful places of Tashkent, in the park named after Mirzo Ulugbek. You will meet the true eastern culture in Dar Restaurant. The restaurant DAR serves European, Armenian, Italian, Caucasian, Japanese cuisine. A special attention in a restaurant is devoted to Armenian cuisine.
Dance show performance at Restaurant Bahor

Bahor Restaurant

There is a live music program each night The Restaurant's band offers differnt musical genres from jazz to romance, classic to disco. The performance of "BAHOR" Modern Dance Theater will amaze the guests. Arabic, European, Indian, Uzbek, Italian, Chinese, Mediterranean, Turkish - these are just part of cuisine served in Bahor Restaurant.
SATO Restaurant

Sato Restaurant

The Sato Restaurant in Tashkent takes its name from the ancient Uzbek stringed bow instrument. Here in luxury and bliss, the Sato Restaurant's menu offers dishes from different regions of not only Uzbekistan but also Central Asia, cooked according to ancient recipes of the newly revived.

Podium Italia

One of the first boutiques opened in Tashkent. Here you will find only the first line of clothing, footwear and accessories of designers such as - Armani, Valentino, Galliano, D & G, etc. Discounts seasonal and regular customers.

Paul & Shark Yachting

The shop features products from Paul & Shark Yachting, of Milan, Italy. Paul & Shark provides very exclusive quality sportswear, with a nautical emphasis. The company behind Paul & Shark was established in 1921 in the northern countryside of Milan as a mill trading in fine knitwear.
Naf Naf

Naf Naf

Naf Naf Boutiques is a French high street shop selling colourful clothes for women. They also sell a selection of accessories. The Shop is located on Bukhara street in the center of Tashkent, between the Alisher Navoi Theater and the Tashkent Broadway.

Europa Exclusive Boutique

The history of the "Europa Exclusive" boutique started in 1994 as a small shop of menswear that was opened in the centre of city. It was the only store in Uzbekistan offering high class garments of the European manufacturers at that time. In short time the boutique became well-known and famous amongst its clientele in Tashkent.


Famous sports clothing brand Adidas store in Tashkent. The Adidas brand shop in Tashkent offers high-tech branded clothing and footwear for sports, leisure and everyday life. There are also wide choice of sports equipment and accessories. Adidas brand shop in Tashkent seasonal discounts and savings. Have a good shopping:)
Tashkent Shopping Centre

Tashkent Shopping Centre

Located near Chorsu Bazaar, Tashkent Shopping Center is one of the biggest and the first shopping malls opened in Tashkent. There are a supermarket of groceries, ladies and menswear, housewares and home utensil departments in the Tashkent Shopping Center. Prices are affordable.
KONTINENT Shopping and Recreation Center


It is one of the biggest Department Stores in Tashkent. Located just next to the Grand Mir Hotel, it is a typical shopping mall in Tashkent consisting of supermarket with wide range of groceries on basement floor, heaps of fashion and brand shops on first floor and fast food section on the top floor.
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