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Yurt base is a nomadic village ready to shelter travelers. Every year Yurt camps are becoming more popular, because here it is possible to experience the fullness and beauty of nomadic life. Living in a Yurt base, you get to know the local way of life, learn the customs and traditions of the people, and most importantly, experience the beauty of flowering dunes, hear the murmur of the Aydarkul, enjoy the silence of the steppes.

Now, when the Yurts has became a haven for weary travelers, Yurt bases are equipped with all comforts and interesting decorations. Yurt bases have shower, toilet and electricity. The yurts are made of wood, poles and felt, rolled up fleece. Inside the tents are decorated with handmade carpets and colorful fabrics. Usually after sunset  everyone gather around the fire, and you can spend the evening listening to the extraordinary stories, songs of the local bard or just spend time in silence, enjoying the relaxing atmosphere, watching the stars and the Milky Way.

At daytime you can have a Camel Ride – it is one of the most exciting travel experiences. Spend 1-2 hours at the unique Aydarkul Lake, which extends for 250 km in the desert, have lunch here just caught fish, relax, take a swim in its warm, slightly salted water and have a sunbathe on a beautiful beach. You can learn about the flora and fauna of the desert, defying stereotypes about its lifelessness. In Kyzylkum you can meet up to 25 plant species and wildlife is also diverse: turtles, lizards, pigeon, partridge, hares. This exotic journey will live forever in your memory.


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City : Country : Uzbekistan
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