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Many centuries ago Nurata held an important strategic position between wild steppes and wilderness areas of cultural farming. To protect the city the Nur fortress was built. Nurata Mountains territory were restless place where continuously troops gathered for an attack on neighboring territories, conspiracies matured and rebels ended their life. Nur fortress was built in the 4th century BC by Alexander the Great, on the southern outskirts of Nurata. It was the size of 500×500 meters and was surrounded by a thick wall with round and half-round watch towers. The entrance was in the middle of the north wall. The south wall is almost rested on the rocks. Strengthening of the Nur adjacented to the spring. The fortress was built in the form of the “Big Dipper” constellation. Nur fortress reached to our times with different degrees of safety of its constructions. The north-west side is almost completely destroyed-there were only ruins, and the southern and south-eastern tower preserved so well that it is impossible to believe in the antiquity of the building. Nur fortress is one of the most important historical sites.

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City : Country : Uzbekistan
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