Your complete guide to places to go in Nurata including Nurata’s top sightseeing places, historical monuments and tourist attractions.

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A small town Nurata is  located in the foothills of Nurata  Mountains,  200 km from Samarkand. Nurata  is the administrative and cultural center of the mining district of Navoi region.
Legend says it that the city appeared many centuries ago, after the fall of the meteorite. At the ”firestone” crash site a spring of healing water occured. This explains the name of the city, “Nurota” means “father beam” or “ray-father.” Local people say that sometimes a strange glow appears on the spring. Nurata really an amazing place – as soon as you enter the town, you see surprising landscape-on one side is the margin of the Kyzyl Kum desert, on the other – the eponymous rock boulders range. Nurata is located away from major industrial and tourist centers. In Nurata people live measured life, respecting the traditions and customs of their ancestors. The population of the town of just 25,000 people, who live in kindness, friendship, and are renowned for their hospitality. While in the 4th century BC the city occupies a strategic position. Fortress Nur served as protection of the city, and it was built by Alexander the Great. Today, a small town Nurata became a pilgrimage for the religious people. One of the most important centers of Islam is complex “Chashma”, which is visited by thousands of devotees not only from neighboring cities, but also from other countries. A truly Nurata’s miracle is Aydarkul Lake in the endless sands of the Kyzyl Kum, with its clear waters and an abundance of various fishes. Many species of birds listed in the Red Book found shelter on the Aydarkul shores . Endless Kyzylkum sands, Yurt Base, Camel Rides, beauty of the night sky and amazing national folklore – all this can be experienced in the town Nurata.


Ustyurt PlateauUstyurt Plateau is located on the territory of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, between Mangyshlak and the Gulf of Kara-Bogaz-Gol in the west, the Aral Sea and Amudarya River delta in the east.
Yurt Base and Camel RideYurt camp is a nomadic village ready to shelter travelers. There you can experience Camel Ride - it is one of the most exciting travel events.
Aydarkul LakeAydarkul is turquoise Lake in the endless sands of the Kyzyl Kum, located in the north-eastern part of Uzbekistan.Aydarkul is home to many species of birds listed in the Red Book.
“Nur” FortressNur fortress was built in the 4th century BC by Alexander the Great, on the southern outskirts of Nurata.Nurata Mountains territory were restless place where continuously troops gathered for an attack on neighboring territories
“Chashma” Complex"Chashma" Complex is one of the most important centers of Islam in Nurata.It includes such constructions as the Juma Mosque (Friday Mosque), Nur-ata cemetery, spring and well

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