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Shakhimardan Shahimardan city
 is located in the scenic mountainous region (1500 asl), 55 km from Fergana. The city of extraordinary beauty, lost in the Alai Range and bordered on two sides by Ok-Soo and Kok-Su  rivers connecting the same river Shahimardan-sai. Striking in its beauty Blue Lake (Kulipkubbon) is located seven kilometers south-east of Shahimardan. It was formed after a strong earthquake in 1766. The lake is located at an altitude of 1,724 m above sea level. The lake is 170 m, width – 60 m, depth – 5.10 m. And there is a two-kilometer cable way to the lake. Cool air, rushing rivers and mountain lakes make this region a great place to relax and travel. However, Shahimardan is also a sacred area, a place of religious pilgrimage.Shakhimardan
Legend says that Hazrat Ali visited Shahimardan , the fourth caliph, brother-in-law of the prophet Muhammad. “Shahimardan” in Persian language means “lord of men”, which also refers to the name of Hazrat Ali. In the 20′s in the center of Shahimardan existed mosque and the mausoleum of Hazrat Ali, which was destroyed  later. In 1993, the mausoleum of Hazrat Ali was re-built in the same place and has kept its outer form.
Mausoleum in ShakhimardanIn the 1930s, as a result of the exchange of territories between Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, Shahimardan became part of Uzbekistan. Shahimardan some time was named Hamzaabad in honor of the poet and the founder of the Uzbek drama Hamza Hakim-zade Niyazi. In the 60 years in his honor and the mausoleum of Hamza, and in 1989, during the celebration of the centenary of the birth Shakhimardan a new museum and a monument to this talented man was built.

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