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Fergana BazaarA stroll through the main bazaar reveals the full cacophony of Uzbek life, trading, greeting and tea drinking in a swirl of long gowns and local silk. Babur’s apricots and pomegranates fill basins bordering melon carpets and cloth sacks pungent with spice. Bread-sellers push pram frames laden with baskets of freshly-baked поп. Just north of the bazaar is the small Toron Mosque (1840), an elegant example of the Ferghana style. Restoration has rejuvenated the multicolored ceiling of the pillared man used for prayer in mild weather. Ten Fergana Bazaarminutes east along Margilan’s high street (where local Sheikh Burkhaneddin has supplanted Kirov) the Khonakhah Mosque is well signposted by two 26-metre (85-foot) minarets and a two-storey entrance. Non-Muslims may request a look beyond, for a series of exquisitely carved and painted wooden buildings. First built in the 16th century, Khonakhah’s rebirth since independence has restored its role as Margilan’s leading mosque. The Said Akhmad Khodja Madrassah, 20 minutes south of the Hotel Margilan, is another example of religious resurgence. Its 19th century sponsor was a wealthy philanthropist, tsarist advisor and factory owner, before he fled the revolution to Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. After use as a jail and office, the madrassah reopened in 1992 for 300 students in two shifts, girls and boys. Visitors are welcome to view the beautiful decoration, mostly unrestored

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