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Welcome to Barbaris Cafe in Tashkent. Here you will find information, view photos and read tourist reviews of Barbaris Cafe in Tashkent.
marmalade 1

Marmalade Bar

Welcome to Marmalade Bar in Tashkent. Here you will find information, view photos and read tourist reviews of Marmalade Bar in Tashkent.

«Monaco» Restaurant & Lounge Bar

Description About «Monaco» Restaurant & Lounge Bar Welcome to «Monaco» Restaurant & Lounge Bar in Tashkent. Here you will find information, view photos and read tourist reviews of «Monaco» Restaurant & Lounge Bar in Tashkent. «Monaco» Restaurant & Lounge Bar invites everyone to enjoy excellent [...]


Afsona in Tashkent offers a whole new perspective on the traditional Uzbek cuisine. Philosophy of the restaurant is to provide the opportunities to Afsona guests enjoy modern Uzbek cuisine
Palace of International Forums

Palace of International Forums

Uzbekistan International Forums Palace, located on Amir Timur Square. The palace was ceremonially opened in September 2009 to celebrate the occasion of Tashkent’s 2200th anniversary. It is to be a place of national and international contact as well as the country´s official representative building.
Senate of Uzbeksitan

The Senate of Uzbekistan

The building of the Senate of the Republic of Uzbekistan is located in the Independence square. In the entrance to the Senate one can see two different wall pictures. There are images of the Sun and a lion. They are crowning the world-wide recognized portal of the Medrese Sherdor in Samarkand.
Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan

Parlament of Uzbekistan

The building is located within the National Park of Uzbekistan named after Alisher Navoi. The main facade of Parliament faces to the avenue Bunyodkor, next to it located Concert Hall, Alisher Navoi Memorial and Abul Qosim Madrassah. The Parliament is a round Building measuring 86 meters in diameter.
Tashkent Eco Park

Eco Park

Tashkent’s first Ecological Park, a project based on the concept of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’, opened its doors on April 7. The Eco park in Tashkent has been built by the Fund Forum with support from Mitsubishi Corporation and has found good use for old car tires, plastic bottles and metal pipes in line with the principles of an ecology park.

12 Chairs Restaurant

Restaurant with inimitable intonation of Ostap Bender. 12 Chairs Restaurant in Tashkent has an atmosphere of modest charm of the bourgeoisie. The menu of the Twelve Chairs Restaurant includes the best dishes of Russian, Ukrainian, and Jewish cuisine.

Affresco Italian Restaurant

True Sicilian restaurant in Tashkent, member of Caravan Group of restaurants in Tashkent. Each dish served at the Affresco Italian Restaurant are prepared only from environmentally friendly products, some of which are delivered from Italy. The staff can speak English really well and the menu is written in English.

Manas Art Cafe & Restaurant

You have a wonderful opportunity to spend time in the atmosphere of nomadic life in Tashkent. Manas Art Cafe is built in the style of Kyrgyz yurt in the middle of a tenement house yard with a small garden and a separate hall. The decor is incredibly cosy and the menu is dominated by Kirghiz national cuisine.

Sarbon Aрреtit Restaurant

Restaurant Sarbon Aрреtit is an elite theme restaurant in the center of Tashkent. Besides the Uzbek pilaf and kebabs, Sarbon Aрреtit Restaurant serves various types of Uzbek dishes that you hardly find in other dining in Tashkent: guja, jarkop, mahara, shilpildok, hasip, halim, sumalak, holvartar....

Central Asian Plov Center

Tashkent's famous Center Asian Plov Center recently moved into new premises - Hilol Restaurant at the TV tower. Central Asian Plov Cente's atmosphere is colorful. Seen from the outside, it looks like a campground with a half dozen sooty black cauldrons boiling on the open fires.
TeaHouse Shafran

TeaHouse Shafran

Description About TeaHouse Shafran Welcome to TeaHouse Shafran in Tashkent. Here you will find information, view photos and read tourist reviews of TeaHouse Shafran in Tashkent. TeaHouse Shafran is unique, cozy restaurant, decorated in nationall style and fully impregnated with rich Uzbek [...]
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