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Courttard, Ulughbek Madrassah, Bukhara

Ulughbek Madrassah in Bukhara

Ulughbek Madrassah is one of the three 15th century madrassahs built by the order of Mirzo Ulughbek, the great statesman and scientist, who was grand son of Amir Temur. The identically called madrassahs were built in Samarkand and Gijduvan. Ulughbek Madrassah is a part of Kosh madrassah, which is also includes Abdul-aziz Khan Madrassah. These two madrassahs, Madrassah of Ulughbek and Madrassah of Abdul Aziz Khan, represent two dinasties once ruled Bukhara - Timurids and Ashtarkhanids.

Ulughbek Madrassah was built by the Great Temur’s (Tamerlane) grandson Ulughbek, whereas the Madrassah of Abdulazizkhan bears the name of the Bukharian Emir, Abdulaziz khan, who is the founder of the madrassah. Ulugbek Madrasah in Bukhara differs with its harmony, austerity and modesty forms of finishing. Its centuries-old neighbor,  Abdul-aziz Khan Madrassah has exaggerated decor, a lush and luxurious look. Two different times show different tastes.

Ulughbek Madrassah was built in 1417 as a the center of secular and religious knowledge, where courses on theology, astronomy, philosophy, and mathematics were taught. Today the madrassah hosts the museum of history of the restoration of the architectural monuments of Bukhara.


The Ulughbek madrasah in Bukhara was constructed in 1417 by Ismail ibn Isfaghani under the order of the Mirzo Ulughbek, was Timurid ruler as well as an astronomer, mathematician and sultan.  He also built analogue madrasahs in Samarkand and Gijduvan cities.
He was also patron of the science and gathered the famous scholars of those times in his knowledge centers. He understood that the knowledge was the only solution to develop and ordered to inscribe on the gates of the madrasah the famous saying

Strive for knowledge is the duty of every Muslim man and Muslim woman

What to See

Today, the madrassah hosts the museum of history of the restoration of the architectural monuments of Bukhara, which was established in 1994. The museum gives information on the restoration works carried out in the old section of the city from the beginning of the 20th century up to nowadays.

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Street Address: 33 Khoja Nurobod Street City : Country : Uzbekistan
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