Souvenirs in BukharaYour guide to shopping in Bukhara, including top and secret places to shop for souvenirs and national clothes, street markets and trade domes in Bukhara. 

There are large oriental bazaars in Bukhara’s old town that all offer a wide variety of shopping experience in Bukhara, from jewellery and copper- and metalware to beautiful carpets, cotton fabrics, ceramics and carved wood items. In this page you will find best shopping places in Bukhara, covered bazaars, and markets in Bukhara.

The highlights of a shopping in Bukhara are the four remaining covered bazaars, also called as trade domes of Bukhara, that give a fascinating glimpse into commerce in the city from old times. The intersections of main streets of medieval Bukhara served a purpose of trade, that caused a construction there of notable domed structures – taq(dome) and tim(covered market). Nowadays, these bazaars remain important shopping places in Bukhara, where you can find many souvenir shops. Your choice is unlimited. Each bazaar is covered with numerous domes and holds its unique name. Taqi-Zargaron (dome of jewellers), Taqi-Sarrafon (dome of moneychangers) and Taqi-Telpakfurushon (dome of headwear sellers) are three covered bazaars survived till today.

Tim-Abdullakhan BazaarA roof closed Tim Abdullah Khan bazaar in Bukhara is a shopping place for carpets and lovely and big suzanas near Poi Kalon Ensemble.
Taqi-Zargaron MarketIf you are interested in buying beautiful and unique jewelry to take home, you should take a trip to Taqi-Zargaron Trading Dome in Bukhara.
Taqi-Telpakfurushon Market Description About Welcome to in Bukhara. Here you will find information, view photos and read tourist reviews of in Bukhara. In ancient times in Bukhara, domed bazaar buildings were erected over all important crossroads of this city. Some of these domed bazaars (locally called taqi) are still [...]
Taqi-Sarrafon MarketThe Taqi-Sarrafon is no longer a money exchange center, but it now has lots of great shops where you can pick up interesting souvenirs.

Arts and crafts shopping in Bukhara features an array of exotic carpets, exquisitely patterned textiles, fashionable skull caps and items with intricate ceramic designs.

Nughai Caravanserai

Nughai Caravanserai

Nughai Caravanserai in Bukhara. This attractive looking caravanserai next to the Taqi-Sarrafon houses a number of handicraft and souvenir shops.

Artisan Development Center, Bukhara

Artisan Development Center

In Bukhara Artisan Development Center you'll find a wide range of handicrafts, jewellery boxes, silk-embroidered tapestries and much more.


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