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Main activity of the Blacksmith’s Museum Workshop, which is located in the Kulyuta Caravansarai, is to revive and support traditional Bukharan handicraft. The museum-workshop is a living museum. Not only could one learn there the history of the ancient blacksmith’s craft, but also participate in making blacksmith products. Usto Shokir Kamolov, who comes of a family of blacksmiths, is the senior researcher of the museum. The museum-workshop has swords, knives, arrow-heads, and craftsmen’s instruments. The exhibits of major interest are “Risola,” blacksmiths’ rules (19th c.), chain- mail (17th c.), a warrior’s outfit (17th c.), and bellows (17th c.).

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Street Address: 12 Haqiqat Street, the Telpakfurushon trading dome City : Country : Uzbekistan
Telephone :(+99865) 224-57-65 Web:
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