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Ismail Somoniy Mausoleum, BukharaIsmail Samani Mausoleum in Bukhara

One of the oldest preserved monuments in Bukhara is the 10th century Ismail Samani mausoleum which is located in the middle of the Samani recreational Park in the west of Bukhara city. The monument marks a new era in the development of Central Asian architecture, which was revived after the Arab conquest of the region.

The 10th-century Ismail Samani Mausoleum is one of Bukhara’s oldest monuments. Built for the emir of the Samanid dynasty, Ismail Samani also referred to as, “Amir Adil” (the Just Commander), whose reign saw the emergence of the Samanids as a powerful force. The Mausoleum is a cubic building made of delicate terracotta bricks, covered with a hemispherical dome. The construction and artistic details of the brickwork, are still enormously impressive, and display traditional features dating back to pre-Islamic culture.Thick walls (up to 1,8 m) protected the monument from destruction during the whole millennium.

Entrance, Ismail Somoniy Mausoleum, BukharaHistorical sources and folk legends attributed this monument to Ismail Samani, who raised him during his lifetime at the grave of his father Ahmad ibn Asad, who is a descendant of Saman Khuda, the founder of the Samanid dynasty who renounced Zoroastrianism and embraced Islam. Later Ismail Samani himself was also buried in it. It is assumed that the monument was built between 892 and 907 years. Archaeological excavations conducted in 1927 under the floor of the mausoleum discovered two wooden coffins belonging to him and his father .

The small mausoleum is considered one of the most elegant monuments in Central Asia. Its delicate terracotta brickwork with a distinctive ornament revive the walls giving them the softness and lightness, as if the walls are extended ans became transparent. Throughout the day, with the different direction of sunlight, it seems that ornamental walls changes its original design. It is very clear when it is moonlight.

The Ismail Samani Mausoleum is located in the Samanids Recreational Park in Bukhara. Around the mausoleum there is a green space with several attractions. There is also a large lake near the mausoleum.

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Street Address: Samanids Park, Bukhara City : Country : Uzbekistan
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