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Chor-Minor Madrassah is a 19th century charming and picturesque structure situated northeast from Lyab-i Hauz. The name means “four minarets” in Tajik, but this interesting little site with four towers was actually a gatehouse of a medressah.

if you follow the street from the Ulughbek Madrassah and Abdul-aziz madrassah to the east, you will find among the labyrinth of narrow and winding streets of old Bukhara, a monument that is not as old, but which is notable for its architecture – the Chor-Minor Madrassah, whichwas built in 1807 by Khalif Niazkul.


Khalif Niazkul, who was a rich Bukharian merchant of Turkmen origin, spent his money to build this charming and picturesque structure, whose architecture is more Indian in style than Uzbek. He built the madrassah with a cozy courtyard and a pond, a summer mosque, and a four-turret building opening into the architectural complex. Char-Minar means “the four minarets”. It draws attention to itself with its unusual architectural solution, the main focus of which is the four turrets with their sky blue cupolas, which have nothing in common with ordinary minarets.


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The Madrassah itself was demolished, but other sites including four-turret building of Chor-Minor, a summer mosque and a cozy courtyard with a pond still remains among the dwelling houses.

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City : Country : Uzbekistan
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