Recreation park in Andijan
Babur Literary Museum
Babur Literaru Museum in Babur Recreation park in Andijan.
Ceiling Decoration
Decoration of the ceiling of the Babur Literary Museum in Andijan.
Main Square in Andijan
Main Square in Andijan. Great Emperor and Poet Babur's monument in the middle of the square.
Old Uzbek
Old Uzbek men of Andijan origin.

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Bobur Memorial ParkSeven kilometres (four miles) southeast of Andijan is this park, opened in 1993 to celebrate the arrival of earth brought from Babur's Kabul grave. Entombed in marble, the earth is the centrepiece of a large garden spread over a hillside Babur was fond of visiting.
Bogi Shamol-Garden of WindsGarden of Winds Bogishamol is a unique place in Andijan. The park is located in a hilly area of Andijan region.
Navoi ParkThis green haven of trees and boating ponds lies east of Babur Square, In the park's northeast corner rests the gently decaying splendour of the residence of Akhmed Beg Khodja. Elsewhere, the Bolalar Bogi (Children's Garden) is a new fairground at the crossroads of Fitrat and Sharaf Rashidov.
Juma Madrassah & MosqueAndijan's chief religious complex was built near the bazaar at the end of the 19th century. Extensive restoration followed the 1902 earthquake in order for a Literature museum to be established. Vaulted halls span the corners of a monumental fagade almost 123 metres long.
Babur Literary MuseumHere you will find information, view photos and read tourist reviews of Babur Literary Museum in Andijan. Since 1990, it has housed a literary museum detailing Babur's poetry and prose, liberally sprinkled with reproductions of famous miniatures and paintings of chapters in his story.
BazaarTrucks deposit mountains of melons into the epicentre while fringes are devoted to pigeon fanciers, carpenters, knife makers and skullcap embroiderers. Invest in a melon and a knife, settle down with a pot of green tea and enjoy the show.
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