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European Film Festival

European Film Festival

Europian Film Festival takes place in the Panorama Cinema from 20 to 26 May 2013 in Tashkent

Movie about Uzbekistan II

The movie about Uzbekistan was released in Czech Republic Czech company «ABCD-Video» released a video devoted to Sightseeings of Uzbekistan. The movie tells about the most beautiful natural places, historical monuments and the specifics of the ancient cities architecture, legends and folklore of [...]
View over old town of Khiva, Uzbekistan

Movie about Uzbekistan Part I

The Italians made a documentary film about Uzbekistan

The special tourist train “Afsona”

The tourist train "Afsona" is intended to transport tourists and passengers in the Khorezm region from other regions of the Uzbekistan, in particular Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Karshi.
Uzbekistan Sarmishsay

Asrlar Sadosi 2013! Navoi-Sarmyshsay gorge

May, 4-5  2013 “Asrlar Sadosi” will be held in Navoi region, Sarmyshsay gorge. The organizers of this grand event are the Fund Forum and UNESCO Office in Uzbekistan. All participants and guests of the festival will have the opportunity to explore the historical wonders of Navoi region. Saramyshsay [...]
икат подушки

Uzbek textiles-Ikat

The tradition of making fabrics originated in Uzbekistan since ancient times. Pieces of silk fabric were found in North Bactria (II-III centuries BC), is proof of weaving and dyeing of fabrics many millennia ago. Bukhara, Namangan, Margilan have always been centers of weaving. Since ancient times, [...]
Afrosoiab train

Uzbekistan Railways Timetable

How travelers can get from one city to another? By plane – the fastest way, but it is more expensive than all others and you can enjoy the gradually changing surrounding world and is more suitable for business, not for tourists. Travelling by car or bus – cheap enough for the way you can enjoy [...]

Uzbek National Musical Instruments

Music in Uzbekistan has a long history of many centuries. Original and diverse Uzbek music culture had a great impact on the lives of people in Central Asia. Uzbek nation has a variety of musical instruments, which represent all of the major groups of instruments. We are going to tell about the [...]
Uzbekistan Nature

Wonderful Uzbekistan

Thinking of best places to visit in Uzbekistan?   Along with tarditional places to visit in Uzbekistan such as ancient cities of the country, including Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand, you may also like to discover the amazing nature and adventurous places to visit in Uzbekistan.   Here are [...]
happy winter

Winter Weekend in Chimgan

  Better than mountains can be only mountains, That You’ve never been…. I still have memories from my chidhood- at any time of the year in clear weather I could see snowy mountains from the balcony and I wanted to roll from them on a sled or ski … In winter, the mountains of Uzbekistan turned into [...]
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