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Uzbekistan Sarmishsay

Asrlar Sadosi 2013! Navoi-Sarmyshsay gorge

May, 4-5  2013 “Asrlar Sadosi” will be held in Navoi region, Sarmyshsay gorge. The organizers of this grand event are the Fund Forum and UNESCO Office in Uzbekistan. All participants and guests of the festival will have the opportunity to explore the historical wonders of Navoi region. Saramyshsay [...]
икат подушки

Uzbek textiles-Ikat

The tradition of making fabrics originated in Uzbekistan since ancient times. Pieces of silk fabric were found in North Bactria (II-III centuries BC), is proof of weaving and dyeing of fabrics many millennia ago. Bukhara, Namangan, Margilan have always been centers of weaving. Since ancient times, [...]
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