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Movie about Uzbekistan II

The movie about Uzbekistan was released in Czech Republic Czech company «ABCD-Video» released a video devoted to Sightseeings of Uzbekistan. The movie tells about the most beautiful natural places, historical monuments and the specifics of the ancient cities architecture, legends and folklore of [...]

The special tourist train “Afsona”

The tourist train "Afsona" is intended to transport tourists and passengers in the Khorezm region from other regions of the Uzbekistan, in particular Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Karshi.


Mountain Lake Charvak is located on the Chirchik River. This place is just below the confluence of the Chatkal and Pskem rivers, and near there are spurs of Chatkal and Ugam ridge of western Tien Shan. There are numerous resorts and recreation areas, which are located on the shore of the [...]
Gegege Wife

Japaneese movie days in Tashkent

March 15-18  Days of Contemporary Japanese movie will be held in the Tashkent Cinema House, organized by the Embassy of Japan in Uzbekistan and Japan Foundation, with the assistance of the National Agency “Uzbekkino.” This year, four feature films and one animated film about modern Japan will be [...]
Afrosoiab train

Uzbekistan Railways Timetable

How travelers can get from one city to another? By plane – the fastest way, but it is more expensive than all others and you can enjoy the gradually changing surrounding world and is more suitable for business, not for tourists. Travelling by car or bus – cheap enough for the way you can enjoy [...]
"Kosmonavt" Station

Tashkent Metro

Tashkent metro is one of the landmarks of modern capital-opening of the first station, now “Chilanzar”, took place in 1977. Its architecture attracts tourists from all over the world. Rich architectural solutions make admire the most discerning travelers. All metro stations are made in a certain [...]
happy winter

Winter Weekend in Chimgan

  Better than mountains can be only mountains, That You’ve never been…. I still have memories from my chidhood- at any time of the year in clear weather I could see snowy mountains from the balcony and I wanted to roll from them on a sled or ski … In winter, the mountains of Uzbekistan turned into [...]

Turkish Film Week in Tashkent

Turkish Film Week In Uzbekistan To Kick Off Jan. 16 The ninth edition of Turkish Film Week is scheduled to start in Uzbekistan’s capital of Tashkent on Jan.16, aiming to promote the cultural and diplomatic relations between the two countries. The ninth edition of Turkish Film Week is scheduled to [...]
Happy New Year

New Year Celebration in Tashkent

Where to celebrate New Year in Tashkent? For a Night with a Bang! Many people will gather at the Independence Square in Tashkent for the fireworks display but if you don’t want to stand outside, there are plenty of places to celebrate the New Year from indoors. New 2013 Year is around the corner [...]
Press the red button!

Coca-Cola New Year Truck Travels through Tashkent

There are rumors that an unusually colorful truck moves around the city. So what kind of truck is this? It turned out that this enormous size of truck is filled with New Year gifts from the bottom to the top. RED Button! Just press the red button and oops, a gift falls into your hands! [...]
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