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Uzbek girl and colorfull hanatlas

Modern Uzbek Girls with Traditional Clothes

After the post about Uzbek traditional clothes, we bring to your attention a bunch of photos of modern Uzbekistan girls posing in traditional clothes. All photos are courtesy of Ar4i_GooDWeeN85. [...]
Beautiful Uzbek Girl

Beautiful Uzbek Girl in National Dress

These photos of a beautiful Uzbek girl in national dress are very amazing! All photos are courtesy of Jahon.

Navruz 2012 Exhibition Held in Uzbekistan

  An exhibition of creative works of the masters of applied art Navruz 2012 was organized at the Central Exhibition Hall of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan. The chairman of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, People’s Artist A.Nuriddinov, art historian A.Hakimov and others spoke at the opening of [...]
uzbek lady

Uzbek couple in national dress

    Wonderful, just wonderful couple! Diana-cafard shot the pre-Wedding in traditional style – with the real Uzbek costumes, jewelry and home furnishings! On her blog she says: I’m terribly pleased both process and outcome:) I do for anything that goes beyond the familiar and banal .. After all, [...]
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