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Credit Cards

Can I use cards in Uzbekistan?

“Yes, we accept Visa and Master Card” In our previous blog entry, we wrote about how much cash you can bring to Uzbekistan, how to declare your cash and what currency is best to carry for your trip to Uzbekistan. We found out from recent keyword research that a number of people are also interested [...]
Dollar vs Euro

Dollars or Euros… Which currency is used in Uzbekistan?

If you are planning a trip to Uzbekistan, you may be also thinking about what currency to carry with you on your trip. The answer is US Dollars. However, you may easily take with you Euros, British Pound sterling, Japanese yens and easily exchange them at Currency exchange offices in Uzbekistan, US Dollars is preferred.

Money… and how much?

Most people want to know about how much money can a traveler bring or take out from Uzbekistan and how to do this without violating the current legislature. If you are one of those who are in search of information about bringing money and currency to Uzbekistan, what to declare and how to do it, [...]
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