charvakMountain Lake Charvak is located on the Chirchik River. This place is just below the confluence of the Chatkal and Pskem rivers, and near there are spurs of Chatkal and Ugam ridge of western Tien Shan. There are numerous resorts and recreation areas, which are located on the shore of the reservoir.  There are many children’s summer and sports camps, where children can relax and gain strength and health. Antient settlement Khodjikent  Pl is sutuated on a place of birth of the Chirchik . The translation the name of the village is “settlement of saints.” According to one legend, Khodjikent is same age as Tashkent.charvak

On the left bank of Chirchik there is the historic core of the town – the old spring with the millennia-old plane trees. In the nineteenth century, there was located a huge (one of the largest at that time in Central Asia), sycamore, and in the hollow there was a roadside teahouse. If you believe the ancient legend, then this is the northernmost place where once Alexander the Great came. They say that the beauty of this amazing region won the heart of a great general so much, he decided to spare this land and turned his forces again to the south, to India. While some scholars argue that the move further north and east from Aksu was irrational for Alexander the Great because there was unknown and unsettled land, so it was pointless to go there. Still, many believe in the beautiful legend.

charvakFor tourists this place is fanned by numerous legends and mysteries. Here many people can gather knowledge of the strange and wonderful past of this region. In Bostanlyk area near the Charvak lake you can visit the many archaeological and historical sites.

The world famous sites of primitive man are located on a Paltau river not far from Charvak. Here, every centimeter of land contains an interesting and curious information.

Rock carvings (petroglyphs) you can see in Bostanlyk area. In these pictures you can see the hunting magic and everything concerning life in ancient times. Ancient people portrayed what was considered the most important. And in those days, hunting was an important craft, which helped to survive in harsh conditions. Mountain goats depicted on the rocks, which were the main source of livelihood for the people of these places at that time.

This animal has played a very important role for the ancient community of people. And now you can see a monument to mountain goat, which was built in our time on the Charvak slopes. Many travelers don’t have an idea about this monument.charvak

BOG’ISTON village which is situated on the Charvak shore is very interesting with its history. It is the home of such prominent people of that time as Hovendi Sheikh al-Sheikh and Takhur Ubaudulla Ahror. Mausoleum at-Hovendi Takhur is located in Tashkent and it is one of the main historical and architectural sights of this great city. Ubaidullah Ahror is known for being a great master of Sufism, and also headed the Muslim clergy in the fifteenth century.

There are many reasons to visit this ancient land, breathe the refreshing mountain air, circling his head, to witness the marvelous land. You will be impressed, if you see this old, charming, beautiful and amazing Charvak.

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