European Film Festival

European Film Festival

Europian Film Festival takes place in the Panorama Cinema from 20 to 26 May 2013 in Tashkent
Gegege Wife

Japaneese movie days in Tashkent

March 15-18  Days of Contemporary Japanese movie will be held in the Tashkent Cinema House, organized by the Embassy of Japan in Uzbekistan and Japan Foundation, with the assistance of the National Agency “Uzbekkino.” This year, four feature films and one animated film about modern Japan will be [...]
"Kosmonavt" Station

Tashkent Metro

Tashkent metro is one of the landmarks of modern capital-opening of the first station, now “Chilanzar”, took place in 1977. Its architecture attracts tourists from all over the world. Rich architectural solutions make admire the most discerning travelers. All metro stations are made in a certain [...]

Laukh – miracle of wood

Laukh – sliding wooden stand for the books – one of the most original product that has ever created by uzbek wood carvers. Hard to believe, but this complex structure is made from a solid piece of wood, without nails and without using glue or joints. Skilled craftsmen can make laukh of ten levels. [...]
Tashkent botanic garden

Tashkent Botanical Garden : Autumn

Beautiful in every season…   Tashkent Botanic garden with a territory of almost 70 hectares is the largest and oldest botanical garden in Central Asian region. Whenever possible it is worth to visit this tranquil place in the corner of the city to dicover the true nature of Central Asia, and other [...]
Old and happy Uzbek man in native town of Tashkent

Khast Imam (Khazrati Imom) Complex in Tashkent

Malkom‘s pictures of Khazrati Imom Complex, one of the top visited sights of Tashkent, are very beautiful. View of Barakhan Madrassah in the centre of native town of Tashkent in the morning. Courtyard of the Barakhan Madrassah. Happy old Uzbek man in the Khast Imom Complex in Tashkent. Old man [...]
Good Bye...

Sun Set in Tashkent

For me sunset is the other of natural beauty which we should always be thankful for. There is so much mystery behind the beauty of a burst of golden light by the sunset. Too difficult to be interpreted and translated clearly, especially when the sunset reflecting the glow surrounding from the [...]
Library in Tashkent

Modern Tashkent: Centre of Enlightenment

The centre of enlightenment has become an organic part of a single composition, which are built in the heart of the capital in the years of independence, the Palace of Youth Creativity, Art Gallery, a business center “Poytaht”. This area is adjacent to the main square of the city – Independence [...]
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