Mountain Lake Charvak is located on the Chirchik River. This place is just below the confluence of the Chatkal and Pskem rivers, and near there are spurs of Chatkal and Ugam ridge of western Tien Shan. There are numerous resorts and recreation areas, which are located on the shore of the [...]
Uzbekistan Nature

Wonderful Uzbekistan

Thinking of best places to visit in Uzbekistan?   Along with tarditional places to visit in Uzbekistan such as ancient cities of the country, including Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand, you may also like to discover the amazing nature and adventurous places to visit in Uzbekistan.   Here are [...]
happy winter

Winter Weekend in Chimgan

  Better than mountains can be only mountains, That You’ve never been…. I still have memories from my chidhood- at any time of the year in clear weather I could see snowy mountains from the balcony and I wanted to roll from them on a sled or ski … In winter, the mountains of Uzbekistan turned into [...]

Fantastic Baisun

Baisun – a rare beauty edge in the south of Uzbekistan in the spurs of the Hissar Range. Just two hours drive from Termez, to the mountains Baysuntag, and the traveler enters the wonderful world of fantastical landscapes. The spirit of bygone eras still hovers above the picturesque valleys and [...]
Tashkent botanic garden

Tashkent Botanical Garden : Autumn

Beautiful in every season…   Tashkent Botanic garden with a territory of almost 70 hectares is the largest and oldest botanical garden in Central Asian region. Whenever possible it is worth to visit this tranquil place in the corner of the city to dicover the true nature of Central Asia, and other [...]
Good Bye...

Sun Set in Tashkent

For me sunset is the other of natural beauty which we should always be thankful for. There is so much mystery behind the beauty of a burst of golden light by the sunset. Too difficult to be interpreted and translated clearly, especially when the sunset reflecting the glow surrounding from the [...]
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